The Deron War Craft Supura-Fighter, or S-Fighter, was DWC's second attempt at a C-Fighter replacement, after the M-Fighter. However, it's production time was cut short by the introduction of the E-Gunship. It was known as "The worst DWC ship since the iFighter."


By late 200414, the C-Fighter, DWC's oldest design still in production, was getting old, so DWC decided to replace it for good this time, and make an all-new replacement by mid 200415. Announced on 31:200415, the "Supura-Fighter" would lead a complete revamp of DWC's line, the "Supura-Series", made mainly to better compete with Metra-Brooke Heavy Industries' line of new, smaller warcraft, including the incredible new Intrava general-purpose craft. However, after a series of tests done by sole purchaser Deron near Cubicala, the S-Fighter was taken out of production. It was replaced by the E-Gunship, a more effective craft based on the E-Fighter (Magellan).


The S-Fighter was the only Supura-Series craft to make it into production. It is also the only DWC craft to have it's full name used more often than it's abbreviated name. Only 18 S-Fighters were built, of which only 10 were sold, all to Deron for evaluation. The other 8 were built from spare parts left over after production ended. Those 8 are now at various museums, including Deron's Ship History Museum. Deron's 10, known to their crews as "The Terrible Ten", were traded back to DWC as credit for new E-Gunships, and are currently stored at DWC's Storage Plant on Derazuma 1.

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