The Starl-Kazray-Haeson Military Conglomerate
The logos of the SKHMC.

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Lead by

Haeson Video - Haeson Division

Nitro Kazray - Kazray Division

Syrikon Starl - Starl Division

The Starl-Kazray-Haeson Military Conglomerate is a fusion of 85 military subdivisions of Spencon.


Spencon's three most important military figures were appointed in 200410, shortly after the completion of it's government. Haeson Video, Nitro Kazray, and Syrikon Starl all reign over three main divisions of the Spenconian Military.

Ranking in the Spenconian MilitaryEdit

All three divisions are the smallest, yet most powerful in the Spenconian Military. Relative to their lower divisions, this list shows all classes in the Spenconian Military (most powerful class at the top in descending order), with the SKH Military Conglomerate in bold. When refering to a subdivision in command, it is known as a gauge.

  1. Haeson Division - 10 subdivisions
  2. Kazray Division - 25 subdivisions
  3. Starl Division - 50 subdivisions
  4. Master Division - 100 subdivisions
  5. Elite Division - 500 subdivisions
  6. Subelite Division - 500 subdivisions
  7. Advanced Division - 1000 subdivisions
  8. Base Division - 2500 subdivisions

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