Z-Screw Golem 1

A Screw Golem

Screw Golems are warriors used by Stevonia. A Screw Golem's armor is filled with one thousand
Z-Screw Golem worm (updated)

The current version of a Screw Golem Worm

Screw Golem Worms, which are creatures created by Metron to control Screw Golems. Screw Golem Worms are born in thousands, all in one large, slightly-transparent green egg. All one thousand Screw Golem Worms are mentally linked to each other, and are naturally drawn to each other and always cooperate with each other. Screw Golems are about 12 feet tall at full height. They get their name from the repeated design of a screw head design on their armor. (face, hammer, etc) The
Z-Screw Golem worm

An outdated version of a Screw Golem Worm

enemy has yet to find an effective weakness to defeat Screw Golems.

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