The Galaxy of Shackamaxon is a multi-dimesnional eliptical galaxy, shaped like a large sphere.
Shackamaxon edited-1

Shackamaxon from a distance

It is also the first of what is believed to be many Treatriaxal-Class Galaxies, made up only of Beta Stars and emitting high amounts of Vizux (Krypton-Xenon-Radon) Particles, located on the opposite side of the Neutral Zone. It was discovered by SkyClan forces under Rotron during Project Eran. It appears as if the entire galaxy has been colonized by a race of flying, nuclear radiation-resistant beings known as the Yttredux. They are known to be friendly towards the United Space Republics, but there are many tribes of them, always at war and always trying to get the upper hand in their eternal war via an alliance with SkyClan or USR forces.

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