The Shatter Dictatorship of 200409 took place on Catharsis. When Spencon came to power, Bad Bat (also known as ULTRAbat.001) took control using the crystal Kensse.


In the Kinetic Harvest Zone of Catharsis, mechanical bats/paddles were being enslaved and bei

BAT1138 clearing bricks in the Amethyst Caverns Zone.

ng used to generate energy. During this time, Spencer was captured. In Sector 14G, BAT1138 escaped because of a glitch in the system. He went on a journey battling against some of Bad Bat's strongest grunts, such as BossS, Bloctipus, ClockBlock, Cold Shoulder, Death Blossom, OverReactor, Electric Avenue (also known as ELECAV), the Xenon Queen, and Bad Bat himself- twice. BAT1138 travled through many zones in Catharsis, such as the Aurora, Krypton Garden, Freon World, Neon Mines, and even the domed Xenon Home World. BAT1138 freed all of his kind and Spencer, too.


The event was soon made a game called Shatter. You can learn more about it here:

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