Z-cave story 6

3 Sieni

Sieni are mushroomlike creatures developed by Metron. Sieni are white and about a foot tall, with two small black eyes. Sieni appear harmless but are poisonious to
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the touch and explode in a rain of sulfuric acid when killed. A Sieni loses its roots once fully grown, and they take only a few seconds to grow from seed to full grown, like Man-Eaters. Once fully grown, they can hop around on their stem. Sieni are commonly found in groups along with a Giant Sieni.


  • Sieni means mushroom in Finnish.
  • By request of the people of Stevonia, there is also a line of Seini being produced that don't have
    Z-Sieni 2

    A Harmless Sieni

    the poisonious qualities of the ones used in battle. These can be distincted by their brownish stem insted of white.
  • Harmless Sieni are only 9.95 credits each, and come through the mail as a seed, so you can plant it.
  • All types of Sieni require no food, only sunlight and water.

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