Ice Planet 2

SnowStorm from space. The moons were removed from the picture because they blocked the view of the surface.

Ice Planet 1

A view into the sky. SSM-4 and SSM-22 can be seen on their orbits.

SnowStorm is a planet in the Deratrea Solar System. It is constantly covered in snow and ice. Also, it has over 400 known moons. None are inhabited, but they make it hard to land a ship there. The major city is Iceotopica, located near a frozen ocean. The ocean's waves were even frozen. Some are up to 30 feet tall. The planet is raked with snowbands almost once a day. Only a few dedicated people live anywhere besides in Iceotopica. One interesting fact is that a species called the "Iceus Bear" which lives on SnowStorm is similar in apperance to the "Polar Bear", which lived on Earth. The planet is currently controlled by Deron.

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