The Spectrodome Multi-Functional Arena, also known as the SMFA (Pronounced "ss-MUF-a") is the largest of four sports stadiums located within the Spectrum.


The SMFA was first proposed as the sucessor to Ecto Field in Byzantium II, which by that point no longer had an actual field and was just referred to as "Ecto". However, with the beginning of construction on the Spectrum, it was changed to be the Spectrum's main stadium, and it's name was changed from the original "Ecto II" designation to "The Spectrodome", in honor of it's new home.


Being a "Multi-Functional" stadium, the Spectrodome is perhaps the most multifunctional building in the Spectrum, challenged only by The Fectra Building, the omnipotent command center of the Byzantine government. It houses all the major sports teams of the Spectrum, with the exception of the Spectrum Swarm (Ice Hockey), and the Spectrum Cannons (Baseball). The other teams are listed here for refrence:

  • Spectrum Invaders (Men's Lacrosse)
  • Spectrum Legion (Women's Lacrosse)
  • Spectrum Raptors (American Football)
  • Spectrum Vector (Men's Basketball)
  • Spectrum Rocketeers (Women's Basketball)
  • Spectrum Assault (Men's Football)
  • Spectrum Flyers (Women's Football)

The SMFA is also home to numerous concerts, rallys, political events and debates, and other special events. It is also the home of Bands of the Byzantine's annual "Grand Invitational" marching band competition.


The SMFA is renowned throughout the international community for it's futuristic styling and use of pure ytterbium for it's exterior, giving it a polished, gold-like apperance. Inside, the Spectrodome can sit up to 884 spectators in regular seating, depending on what type of event is occuring. The massive glass dome that covers the SMFA is actually made to reflect ultraviolet rays, despite the fact that the Spectrum's chamber lighting system does not give them off. The Spectrodome also features it's own hotel, where spectators of multi-day events can stay. It features seperate locker rooms for each of it's teams, as well as for visitors. It also has many large rooms for press confrences, buisness meetings, and, in the case of BotB, warmup and practice areas for visiting bands.

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