The Spectrum is the Vectron Federation's capital ship. It measures over two hundred million miles long and is designed to be a mobile city. It contains all of the Vectron's current governmental installations. It's nickname is "The Vectronic Multiversal HQ"


Construction of the Spectrum started in Marin 200405, only one marin after Deron first arrived at the Derazuma Planet System. It was finished in late Marin 200415, record time for a ship it's size.


The Spectrum is designed to be a mobile city. It is home to over 2,000 Vectronic citizens, and about 200 ambassadors to other organizations. It is propelled by three main boosters, and can reach suprisingly high speeds, considering it's size. It also features numerous smaller boosters, allowing for tight turns and other maneuvers. An integrated Gravity Generator Unit creates similar gravitational conditions to those on the DPS. The ship also creates it's own electromagnetic field by superheating iron and spinning it at high velocities.

Armament and DefenseEdit

As capital of one of the greatest civillizations in the known universe, the Spectrum doesn't skimp on protection and defense. It has over 1,500 seperate laser turrets on it's exterior. It has it's own seperate division of the Deron Armed Forces (The 1st Spectrum Division). It can generate force fields to protect itself. It even has the strange ability to travel between dimensions, making it incredibly illusive when under attack.


The Spectrum has many unique features that make it a revolutionary city as well. Every electric device in the ship is powered by a massive solar array. It generates oxygen and water from carbon dioxide gathered by using a filtering system which separates molecules based on the elements that are found in them.


Since it's launch, the Spectrum has been the cause of many insults and jokes about the Vectron's government. One of the running jokes is "We're too cool for a planet!". The citizens of the DPS have also held protests to convince Derek to change the capital back, but, in responce, he has said "We're not just gonna build a brand new, multi-billion hetron capital city / spaceship, and then just change it back. It doesn't work that way. We moved from Thyrm for a reason, we moved from the DPS for a reason too."

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