Spectrum-Class ships have heavy projectile cannons not in case of attack but to destroy asteroids that may enter their orbit.

Every Spectrum-Class ship came equipped with a large sign mounted on the back stating "WE BRAKE FOR NOBODY."

The OBGC Flyer, despite being referred to as "Derek's Ship" in most cases, has most of it's interior space used as a large armory and research base, with only about 1/160th actually used by the Byzantine leader.

The OBGC Spectrum was originally meant to be named the "Upsilon 2", but it was decided to choose a new name.

The moving of the Byzantine capital to the Spectrum was the most controversial act of the Byzantine government to date.

The Flyer is slightly smaller than the other Spectrum-Class ships built so far due to, of all things, a shortage of dysprosium, which you've probably never heard of.

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