The Socialist Republic of Stevon (SVN)
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Rebel Group



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200406 - present

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Tommy Friar

"Stevon? What the heck's a "Stevon"?" -Steven on hearing of Stevon's formation.

The Socialist Republic of Stevon is a group of rebels that broke away from Stevonia during the First Gostrusum War. Stevon is currently part of SkyClan.


Stevon rebelled from Stevonia in 200406. They attacked Stevonia's planets, Stevonia and Algernon, and then joined SkyClan. Since then, Stevon has been an often-forgotten part of SkyClan that appears only in battles against Ethon and Stevonia. Stevon members are fiercely proud and very loyal to their cause. Stevon is also known for their well organized, unpredictable sneak attacks on enemy targets.

Stevon's Insignia

The Second Gostrusum WarEdit

Stevon has always been eager to get revenge on Stevonia. After the beginning of the Second Gostrusum War, Stevon saw it's chance. However, SkyClan restricted the number of attacks it could and should make. It did attack Tallon IV, which angred Stevonia. They declared that SkyClan citizens should be executed for this, but they forgot that the legal execution of citizens was one of the reasons Stevon left in the first place. The fact that Stevonia would ignore one of their main ideals angered Stevon even more. Because of this, the final SkyClanic attack of the war was led by Tommy Friar himself, who personally scored 18 kills on that single colomarin. After the war, Stevonia tried to re-absorb Stevon, but it stayed independent.

Stevon TodayEdit

Today, Stevon still exists as a division of SkyClan. In the recent Triglac War, Stevon has once again become a major player, adopting it's traditional guerilla tactics against it's old enemy Ethon.