The Stormbringer Empire is an alliance which is mostly made up of Stevonia, Metron, and Tekkon.

Creation of Stormbringer Empire Edit

The Stormbringer Empire was created by SkyClan in 200402 so that Stevonia would be able to have its own allies with other group. After some growth, Stormbringer Empire joined a new alliance called the United Space Republics in 200405.

Wartime Edit

During the First Gostrusum War, in which Stevonia declared war on SkyClan due to a misunderstanding, Stormbringer Empire built rUBY (to be finished)

Involement in wars during this period Edit

The Era of Extreme Disparity Edit

About halfway through the Second Gostrusum War, Steven realized there was no way he was going to be able to achieve his dream of conquering the Universe, but he was too proud to end the SGW, so he bribed the newly-formed Ion (which he had just lost a war to) in order to get help against SkyClan, which was superior to them in every way. However, Ion was still pissed at the SE, so they decided to join SkyClan instead, and the SE lost even quicker. This completely eliminated Steven's cockiness, and started a new era.

The Era of Extreme Anger 'Cause Everyone's Better Than You Edit

After losing both the SGW and his extreme cockiness, Steven and the SE became super angry at the rest of the USR for embarrassing them on the universal stage (although it was their own fault, but they conveniently forgot that little detail). Then the SE exited the USR and went to pout in the corner for a few Marins before a new era started.

The Era of Extreme Where The Hell Did They Go Edit

Nowadays, the SE is starting to regain some of it's extreme cockiness, but isn't as much as before. They have also spawned a terrible little annoyance called Metron. They also stopped updating all their pages, so, for all we know, they might be getting destroyed by Phion or the Axis Alliance right now...

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