The Elite Trans-Mallux of Sucleyux, or Sucleyux, is the elite squadron maintained by all three groups of The Trans-Mallux groups. It was founded in 200415 by Graeon and Hafnion, and Netron joined one vetamarin later. Squadron Designation: SYX
Sucleyux Logo

Sucleyux's logo

History Edit

Sucleyux was formed in 200415 as a "Trans-Mallux version of Horizox", which was located by The Trans-Mallux after Easton Alliance arrived on an exploration mission. Similar to Horizox, it is made up of 100 of the best pilots, but from all three Trans-Mallux groups, rather than just one group (Deron) in the case of Horizox.

Sucleyux's insignia

Ships Edit

Initially, Sucleyux's fleet consisted of 100 ex-Deron ARC-1 C-Fighters rebuilt by Metra-Brooke Heavy Industries and redesignated "MB-ARC-1SYX"s. However, they recently ordered a fleet of 100 custom built ships from M-B to be called "Strad", which will be delivered around 1:200420.

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