The Deron War Craft Turret-Fighter, or T-Fighter, is a light fighter produced by DWC in responce to the extreme popularity of the Metra-Brooke Heavy Industries E-2 Light Fighter. It is a modified version of the ARC-6 C-Fighter, the most popular C-Fighter, and is considered by many to be the true successor to the C-Fighter.


The T-Fighter was created for two reasons:

  • The success of the Metra-Brooke E-2
  • Customer demand for a real replacement for the ARC-13UV[1].

Since the demise of the C-Fighter in early 200415, the DWC line had been without a true light fighter, the closest thing being the limited-production, speed-oriented E-Fighter (Magellan) scout craft, and the only-produced-for-20-colomarins Supura-Fighter. This left a gaping hole in DWC's line, in the area which used to be it's specialty, and new squadrons, such as Peteon or Gaugon, were forced to buy used craft.

DWC's main rival, the ever-innovative Metra-Brooke Heavy Industries, was first to take advantage of this, quickly developing it's E-1 Light Fighter prototype into the full production E-2 Light Fighter, which sold absurdly well from the moment it was introduced.

In responce to this, DWC modified the ARC-6 C-Fighter design, it's most popular C-Fighter, turned the fixed main cannon into a turret with full 360 degree rotation, and reintroduced it as the T-Fighter. The turret feature had actually been planned as a main feature for a planned ARC-14 iteration of the C-Fighter, but it was also done in response to the E-2, which turned the E-1s fixed main cannon into a turret as well. Production of the T-Fighter, as well as the new J-Fighter-2, occurs at the old C-Fighter / J-Fighter plant at Thyrm.

Placement in the DWC LineEdit

As the absolute most basic model in the DWC lineup, the T-Fighter has less advanced features than DWC's flagship fighter craft, the ubiquitous E-Gunship. It even has less standard features than the original ARC-6. However, it's low price makes it just the ticket for developing militaries, which were DWC's inital target with this model.

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