The Deron War Craft T-Type is one of the most technologically advanced ships ever constructed. It was actually a collaboration, not just built by DWC, but also had components sourced from Metra-Brooke Heavy Industries, as well as the governments of Deron, Neon, Darwon, and Andron. It was built in 200408. The T-Type's purpose is to move, destroy, or create black holes.

History Edit

The idea for the T-Type was first created as a preventive measure by the Byzantine Federation, in case it encountered any black holes during it's expedition to the Andromeda Galaxy. The first of the "Black Hole Ships", or BHS's, was then constructed. A hugely impractical device, the BHS-1 was shaped like a massive cylinder, and was said to take 2 Marins just to do a 180 degree turn. It's successor, the BHS-2, was smaller, and was built with off-the-shelf parts, in the form of a C-Boat Type-1 with five Heavy-C shells lined up end to end (containing the gravity reversing array) attached to it's bottom. Still extremely large, Deron looked for a more practical successor. It collaborated with numerous other SkyClan governments to produce a "BHS-3", which was eventually given the "T-Type" name, so as to give a name that would make sense to all squadrons that use it. Since then, around 10 T-Types have been built, all for SkyClanic squadrons.

Technology Edit

Although exactly how the T-Type works is a closely guarded secret, we can make a pretty close guess. The T-Type is most likely able to reverse the intense gravity of the black hole, exploding it back into a star. However, since the star would have no fuel, it would be a black dwarf from the start. The T-Type could then move this black dwarf around, or turn it back into a black hole. It could also collapse regular stars into black holes if necessary.

Owners Edit

Under United Space Republics law, weapons of extreme mass destruction such as the T-Type are restricted.

  • Deron: 3
  • Andron: 3
  • Darwon: 1
  • Astron: 2

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