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"Ever heard of Technetium, the squadron? No? Good. You're not supposed to." -Unknown

The squadron Technetium is a shadowy division of the Byzantine Federation that is similar in purpose to Horizox.


In 200394, the young Byzantine Federation built a special stealth airship, the BFA Sigma, which was an incredible ship, the likes of which nothing had been seen before. It was meant to be the base of a KGB-esque secret police force, which was to be called Technetium. However, this idea did not pan out as planned, and the original Technetium was scrapped. However, the name would return in the near future, as the name for a shadowy group of elite pilots who have earned the reputation of being even better than their much-better-publicized counterparts in the elite Horizox division.

Relation to the H-FighterEdit

It is believed that Technetium is the squadron of the Byzantine that pilots Deron War Craft's mysterious H-Fighter, which would explain that craft's deep secrecy as well.


It is believed that Technetium was the reason that both the Dastrac and Algernon wars ended so swiftly, as the organization was gaining signinficant strength around the end of the Algernon War.

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