Telekomag BH (previously known as The Mega Blok) was the capital ship for Trevon, and it featured a large foam missle launcher on the front, Trevon Block Droppers on the bottom, and a Shiny Bananarang launcher, and a large, pop-out, white gloved mechanical hand for catching the Shiny Bananarangs. It was claimed by Ion after the United Space Republics destroyed Trevon's government. It was renamed Telekomag BH (BH standing for Basic Headquarters) over the Ionic territory of Kazreom.


  • "Telekomag BH" is an anagram for "The Mega Blok", the name that the ship was given under Trevonian control.
  • The large foam missles were used to create remote-control foam Tri-Shuttles enforced with aerogel.

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