The Tetrian Republic (TET)
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200408 - present

Ex. Administrator


Tetron is a organization that formed in 200408 under Tetricus, based on the planet Dastro. It grouped up with Spencon to create Ion in 200410.


Tetron is an organization that derived from a group of around 2,000 Irish hackers. They were one of the first to hear about Earth's inavertable destruction, so they built a high-tech ship named the Eliyet (pronouced EE-lee-uht) and left for the Whirlpool Galaxy. However, debris from Earth's destruction prevented some parts from working, so they were forced to use as little fuel as possible to avoid a meltdown in the ships reactor.They settled in the nearby Enncarbia System (in the Triangulum Galaxy) after floating through space for 5 marins.


After meeting Spencon in 200409, they decided to create an alliance, but known that more organizations would eventually want to join, they created a major organization that would eventually become part of the USR.

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