The Vectron Federation city of Thyrm was the first major one created by that organization and is it's last main base in the Milky Way Galaxy.


Thyrm was founded in Marin 200401 when Minerva 5 touched down on Iapetus. Minerva 5 only stayed for a few hours, but they marked the spot that would become the center of Thyrm. Eventually, by the time Minerva 15, the last Minerva mission, arrived on Iapetus, it wasn't just making a colony, it was preparing Thyrm to become the capital of the Byzantine Federation, as the country had completely left Earth by then. At one point, Deron shared Thyrm with Hafnion, from Marin 200402 until early Marin 200404, when the organization left for the Mallux Galaxy. By this point, Byzantine expeditions to the Andromeda Galaxy had successfully found a new home for the Byzantine, and Thyrm was abandoned as Deron's capital. However, it remained a major part of the Byzantine's universe-spanning reach, being a major trading location with Ethon and the rest of the Axis Alliance.

Thyrm TodayEdit

Today, Thyrm is still a busy Vectronic city, encompassing about half of Iapetus, as well as part of neighboring moon Hyperion. It has it's own SpaceWay route, the 5E "Housatonic" Route, and houses a small Deron War Craft production plant, which manufactures T-Fighters and J-Fighter-2s. It is one of the few territorial holdings of the Vectron Federation after it's reorganization.

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