The Trevon Splice Treaty is a treaty created by the United Space Republics to divide up Trevon amongst it's members. It was created after Trevon's original government was "deposed" of by USR forces. Here is a list of gaining's from the treaty by organization.

SkyClan Edit

Deron Edit

Central Powers Edit

  • All other territorial claims by Trevon.

Stevon Edit

  • Roughly 25% of Trevon's military, including all Deron War Craft and Stevonian designed spacecraft.

Stormbringer Empire Edit

Stevonia Edit

Ion Edit

Spencon Edit

  • Roughly 1% of Trevon's military forces, mainly large cruisers, including The Mega Blok.
  • Half of the Trevon Intergalactic Marines.

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