The logo for the T.I.M with their motto "Protect The Innocent" in Trevoplian

The TIM are the Trevoplian Intergalactic Marines, They were started by Trevor to stop terrorism and Antagonists from harming Neutralists and Protagonists. Their ground troops use TAC weapons and are specialized in hand to hand combat. Squad leaders are picked from orphanages from everywhere in the universe, their names are erased and replaced by numbers. The squad leaders are trained their whole lives to hunt down and kill Antagonists and terrorists. Squad leaders are also taught to make the tough decisions and to work with their lesser soldiers. The some most famous squad leaders come from planets owned by Spencon, Stormbringer Empire, and Trevon. After the breakup of Trevon by the United Space Republics, the TIM became part of Ion.



The TIM were started by Trevor. It included of a fleet consisting of:

The TIM also included ground troops such as:


  • TSF - Trevon Squadron Fighter
  • HTSF - Heavy Trevon Squadron Fighter
  • TB - Trevon Bomber
  • TBP - Trevon Battle Pod
  • TFD - Trevon Fighting Drone
  • TES - Trevon Seige Tank

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