Trevoplians are a race that are from the planet Trevoplia. They are the ones who started the organization titled Trevon, which is led by their leader, Trevor. Trevoplians appear as humanoid/reptilian beings.

Life CycleEdit

Z-Trevoplian-UAG armor KORE rifle 1

A Trevoplian (Stage 4) in UAG Armor holding a KORE Rifle

Trevoplians start off as an egg. (Egg) They then hatch into a small flightless, bird/rabbit-like creature. It appears innocent, but it actually carnivorous, eating small rodents and fish. (Stage 1) Then, they evolve again, into a purpleish lizardlike creature, and during this time, most of it's fur falls off. It also has a stinger tail during this time and it stays on all fours most of this time. (Stage 2) Then, it loses all its fur, and its tail grows many more poisonous spikes. They grow a pair of small mandibles and their eyes center more toward the front of their head, and they start walking on two legs. (Stage 3) Lastly, their tail falls off, and their hide thins, making them more vulnerable. During this time they start wearing more armor, and use more artifical weapons. In these last two forms they spend a majority of their lives.


Trevoplians have built several walkers and machines, such as the Brass Monkey (Foot Soldier). Their weapons focus mostly on plasma technology. The Trevoplians have sent peace treaties to all nations as they are in no intenton of starting war.

Life CycleEdit

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