The Tri-Shuttle is the common warship used by Spencon, and also is somtimes used by Ion.

A Spenconian Tri-Shuttle.


The design of the Tri-Shuttle EV-1 was basically two C-Fighters put on top of each other. It eventually evolved itself into the current Tri-Shuttle EV-6. Other designs, such the Tri-Shuttle UIV-2 (Universal Ion Version) are not original designs by Spencer.

The Tri-Shuttle TodayEdit

STC (Spencon Techno Crafters) is contiuning to produce EV-5's and EV-6's. A TriG-Shuttle (Next Generation Tri-Shuttle) is due to release soon.

All Tri-Shuttle VersionsEdit

  • Tri-Shuttle EV-1 (not available)
  • Tri-Shuttle EV-2 (not available)
  • Tri-Shuttle EV-3 (not available)
  • Tri-Shuttle EV-4 (not available)
  • Tri-Shuttle EV-5
  • Tri-Shuttle EV-6
  • Tri-Shuttle TEVA (not available)
  • Tri-Shuttle UIV-1 (not available)
  • Tri-Shuttle UIV-2
  • TriG-Shuttle (releasing soon - postponed)


  • ​EV(-#) = ExoVersion (#)
  • TEVA = Tetron ExoVersion (Alpha)
  • UIV(-#) = Universal Ion Version (#)
  • TriG-Shuttle = Next Generation Tri-Shuttle

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