Cquote1 Yeah. I'm pretty awesome, and Derek isn't, so I'm gonna kill Derek and all his allies now because you all must suck for liking him. Cquote2
Ethan's threat to the USR'''
Triglac War



United Space Republics

Axis Alliance

The Triglac War is a war currently being fought between the United Space Republics and the Axis Alliance. It as started in mid-200419 because of a comment from Ethan (quote shown above), leader of the Axis Alliance and Ethon.

Course of EventsEdit

SkyClan's ResponseEdit

Since Deron leader Derek was the person who the above threat was aimed at, one could only imagine Derek's personal reaction. However, he remained calm and discussed possible options with other SkyClanic leaders.

Ion's ResponseEdit

In response to the threat that the Axis Alliance posed to the USR, Ion took extreme measures to supress forces from Axis Alliance forces, and also to bombard key points in the network of the Axis Alliance. In total, Ion sent more than 15,000 in highly-trained collaborative forces and warships to prevent any attacks from the Axis Alliance. This effort is known as Operation Wyxet, coined by Spencer, leader of Spencon and Ion.

Military operations associated with this eventEdit


  • Operation Val-Crezzux - A raid by Stevon. All other details are unknown at this time.
  • Operation Great Wall - Shield colonies and outposts in the Milky Way Galaxy from Axis attacks, which are highly likely in those sectors. Also protect the 5E SpaceWay line.


  • Operation Wyxet - Collaborative effort with other members of Ion to suppress incoming Axis Alliance forces
  • Operation Zerico - Spy on the Axis and Phion and protect Dastro from enemy forces

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