Here is a growing list of the different types of turrets and cannons used throughout the galaxy.

Used by Stormbringer EmpireEdit

  • "Vigilance" Class Heavy Turret - A heavy turret that fires a green constant type laser from its barrel. It it held in the air using magnetism. [picture]
  • Rocket Cannon - These Cannons cannot fire sideways individually, but usually come in pairs, each on a pole. The two cannons can swivel on the pole, and both are operated by a single Energy Core. A Rocket Cannon, as the name suggests, fires an Energy Rocket. [picture]"
  • "Tiamat" Class Anti-Aircraft Mobile Turret - Commonly refered to as Tiamats, Tiamat anti-air turrets are five-legged, walking turrets. Although slow-moving, Tiamats have highly precice aim, and there is only a 0.000001% chance of miss. Tiamats are heavily armored, and hold two people, one driver, and one gunner. [picture]

Used by IonEdit

  • KEPT - A rare turret that is used (and still is) in the 2nd Gostrusum War. It stands for KEnsse Powered Turret. There are over 1,500 on the KEPUNDUM, along with Dubstep Cannons.
  • PO2 Cannon - The Pixelation of Objects Cannon, or PO2 Cannon is a turret that deforms obects into a simple 2D pixel. That means anything attached to it will be merged with the object. The are very effective on simple objects like Trevon Blocks.
  • MEDIP-SC - The MEchDIsk Powered Super Cannon is a turret that runs on Ion Mechdisks. The darker the color of the Mechdisks, the more powerful the blast.

Used By SpenconEdit

  • ISE Turret - A turret that relys on input codes and mechdisks, the ISE (Ion Spencon Elemental) is a powerful disk that has 7 settings (via color Ion Mechdisk): Flamethrower (red), Hydrocannon (blue), Galegun (green), Tesla Cannon (yellow), Dubstep Gun (purple), Disintegrator Cannon (white), and Shadow Gun (black). It is used only on Spencon planets.

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