The Twalventa War was a short lived war that occured in Marin 200402 between the Tanon Consolidation and what was then the Empire of Netron. This was basically Netron's independence war, with Netron eventually winning.

Overview of EventsEdit

In mid-Marin 200402, the present leader of Netron, Netros, formed a rebel group inside of the Tanon Consolidation made up of individuals who were unhappy with the Axis Alliance's plan on war with what was then the Easton Alliance. They bought a fleet of C-Fighters from the newly-formed Deron War Craft to make their forces. On 66:200402, Netron forces made their move, in a swift breakaway meaneuver, the Netron craft shot off away from Tanon. Since Tanon had just been formed, and was still in political turmoil, responce to Netron's independence was sparce and Netron was easily able to defend itself. It then moved far away from Tanon to the Mallux Galaxy, where it formed a life of stability.

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