The Type 10 SpaceWay is a type of car used on Deron's SpaceWay service. It is similar in design to the R10, used on the New York City Subway. They were some of the first cars used on the SpaceWay, predated by the Type 1s, Type 4s, Type 8As and Type 9s, which had their origins on the SpaceCommute service, which ran between Derazuma 1 and Derazuma 2. Originally, the Type 10s were used throughout the system, but newer cars have replaced them on many lines. However, long lines of Type 10s and Type 12s can still be seen running on the Deron-Stevonia Express, along with Type 32s. About 500 Type 10s were built, and half were rebuilt into Type 10Ms to lengthen their working life. Of those 250 Type 10Ms, 5 were built into Type 10-62s, which had the Type 10 body but attached a Type 62 front end, making the cars look newer. These 5 cars are the oldest cars running on the Deratrea Lines.

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