The USR Priority Code was created in 200410 by Ion.

This is the code is used by the USR the assign threat levels to antagonists in the C-Fighter War.

Pictured below is the USR Priority Code. The colored version can be seen here.

Priority Level Threat Rank Threat Level Symbol
Nether 1 None
Hyper 2 Very Low
Mega 3 Low
Super 4 Low
Ultra 5 Guarded
Extra 6 Guarded
Giga 7 Elevated
Meta 8 Elevated
Tera 9 Somewhat High Ж
Peta 10 High
Zetta 11 High
Yotta 12 Somewhat Severe ɣ
Koppa 13 Severe Ϙ
Sigma 14 Severe Σ
Omega 15 Extreme Ω

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