United Antagonists of Triangulum (UAT)
The UAT's final logo (200415).



Group Category



Incorporated into SkyClan

Marins Active


Ex. Administrator

Ditromidus (former)

The United Antagonists of Triangulum (or simply known as the UAT) is an alliance that was formed in 200415 by Ditron, the Assosaction of Mixed AntagonistsLithotron, the Counsul of Triangulum, Antiaxon, and Epalon. It is lead by the Executive Administrator of Ditron, Ditromidus.


The UAT was orginally formed to destroy Ion and gain more territory for the UAT themselves, but there focus shifted as the Kaeziler War started and SkyClanDeron, and the Stormbringer Empire attacked them. Since the war has started, the UAT is still very strong and has declared to be "the best alliance ever." The UAT was destroyed later that marin as part of SkyClan's Project Eran. It's territory was transformed into the SkyClan subsidaries of Triatron and Zetron.

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