Z-Urbuds 1

3 Small Urbuds and a Large Urbud

Urbuds (pronounced Er-bud) are creatures created by Metron for Stevonian war purposes. They are used in battles in space and on land. They have a large black sac of hot air that allows them to fly, and move by pushing air out through their mouth using a jellyfish-like motion. They have red teeth positioned around their yellow-lipped mouth and have a tongue that sometimes hangs out of their mouth Urbuds have two white eyes positioned right above the mouth. There are two types of Urbud, large and small.

Large UrbudsEdit

Large Urbuds are, as their name states, larger than the more common Small Urbud. They are capable of traveling long distances while carrying heavy loads without getting tired. They are capable of producing Small Urbuds at will through their mouth. They are also capable of spitting OrgaBombs and Tar Balls.

Small UrbudsEdit

Small Urbuds are much more common than Large Urbuds, and cannot fly as high up in the atmosphere on their own. They are capable of dropping OrgaBombs from their mouths and in battle they are capable of flying over to an enemy soldier and enveloping their head whole, suffocating the enemy by tightening their elastic-like mouth.


  • Large Urbuds are often used as beasts of burden as well as war creatures. They can carry large loads that can be tied to them, giving them the appearance of a Hot Air Balloon.
  • Small Urbuds are sometimes kept as pets by Stevonian Civilians.

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