The VFCC Inavertable Destiny is a cargo ship designed by Metra-Brooke Heavy Industries as an experimental craft to eventually lead to a line of M-B cargo ships (the Super-10 Series). Inavertable Destiny was sold to the Vectron Federation government (hence it's "VFCC" designaton) after a test period of 2 hypramarins. While being operated by Deron Shipping, it became famous for being the first manned ship to be flown through the region that is now Rotron.

Project ThetaEdit

After the announcement of Project Theta by Derek, VFCC Inavertable Destiny was transferred to Horizox to serve as the mobile command center for Theta. However, it retains it's VFCC designation as of 200420.

Possible Deron Capital?Edit

In 200418, Derek announced that the Inavetable Destiny would serve as the Vectron govornmental headquaters for the length of the Unaralic War, because "...the Spectrum and the DPS are too big of targets."

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