The Metra-Brooke Vero Inter-Atmospheric Medium Rocket Bomber, or just Vero, is a medium bomber designed to be used both in space, as well as intra atmospherically, and as such features an aerodynamic design. It is built by Metra-Brooke Heavy Industries.


The Vero was commissioned by Deron when it needed a bomber that could destroy pinpoint targets, while also being able to bomb indiscriminately if necessary. It also needed to be effective in both space and in planet's atmospheres, unlike Deron War Craft's old C-Bomber. The result was a thin, streamlined craft with a medium payload and cutting edge automated targeting systems, able to fire rocket assisted bombs (called Recta-Bombs by Deron) with incredible accuracy.


It features Metra-Brooke's signature "Octo-Cockpit" that allows for almost 360 degree vision in all directions. It also has a secondary cockpit that the copilot's chair drops into for bombing, giving the Vero a crew of two. The Vero's main feature is it's large tailfin, which stretches above and below the main body, and can rotate for easier landing. It has two compact anti-gravity boosters on it's sides, which propel the Vero at startlingly fast speeds, making it also a viable medium to heavy fighter, as well as a fighter-bomber.


The Vero is scheduled to replace both M-B's standard Deltrax bomber, as well as the unloved Aventra Laser Bomber, in production by 1:200420.

Owners Edit

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