"What's your Verro of choice?" - Slogan from a Verromex commercial, asking people what their favorite Verromex weapon is.

The Verromex Company, also known as Verro, is a major manufacturer of small arms and other personal guns based in the Byzantine Federation. It is known for being the only small arms manufacturer to be successful in the Byzantine, which, with no real traditional "infantry" of sorts, has no real use for them. Verromex has also recently started production of a light fighter called the PAFG-1, which is based on an old Metra-Brooke Heavy Industries concept vehicle.


Verromex was founded by the first Byzantine Advisor of the Military, Jack, to produce assault rifles for a planned infantry division of the Deron Armed Forces. However, with the creation of the AM-Type Flying Platform, and it's widespread use by the Byzantine, this division was replaced by as sort of calvary mounted on AMs, which have their own mounted weapons. Therefore, seperate weapons were not necessary. However, Verromex stayed in existance, producing high-quality pistols and sidearm guns, which were used by other squadrons, who liked the idea of the traditional infantry, producing great weapons like the VMR8 and the Neptunium. It also produced a miniature version of Deron War Craft's classic repeating laser, the C-ELAS, and produced weapons based off of that as well. More recently, Verromex bought the rights to build a neglected Metra-Brooke prototype craft, the Nemesis-3, which it modified to produce it's own entry into the light fighter market, the Personal Attack Fighter Generation 1, also known as the PAFG-1, which is distinguishable by it's unique cockpit and it's indented rocket booster.

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