Vie. It's moon is not shown.

Vie is the main planet used by Briton. Vie has two sides, a safe, civilized side and a dangerous, uncolonized side.

Areas of VieEdit

Vie has to regions (sides) to it. One side is named Galaposh (safe). The other side is Marpaca (unsafe).


Galaposh is a very bright and peaceful side of Vie. It is the side where most Britonians live. It is the side of civilization and order. It has neon purple trees, called Pharinates and black grass.


Marpaca is the dark and dangerous side of Vie. It has red dirt. The Marpaca side is slightly hotter than the Galaposh side. It is home to many dangerous creatures and Sulfuric Acid pools, called Garnakey. Humans can't stay there for long, though. It is a high pressured place. They can withstand only to a certain point before they are crushed like a soda can. There are brown craggely trees with red spikes instead of leaves. These trees are called Macadora Trees. It also has a Dark Ugly Orange Sky (because the sunlight reflects off the red dirt) and Firey Hot Spots in craters. That shoot up fire at unexpected moments.

Moons of VieEdit

  • Chrysanthemum: This moon orbits the Vie once every 50 hours, so Britonians on Vie expirience long days, and very long nights. There is a long story to how Chrysanthemum got its interesting name:
Once every month, Chrysanthemum creates a beautiful solar ecllipse. There is two things different about this solar ecllipse that seperates this one from the rest. One, this type of ecllipse is safe to look at directly with the naked eye. No damage will be done to the eyes. Two, something amazing and abnormal happens. When the monthly total ecllipse occurs, the corona doesn't glow around it like a bright circular halo.... the corona forms into the shape of petals, while Chrysanthemum is in the middle of them. When Britonians first saw this occurance, they thought of one thing... flowers. And the first flower that came to mind was... Chrysanthemums.

Major cities of VieEdit

  • Britanus- The large capitol city.
  • Parkamando- The largest suburban area, where most average citizens live.
  • Spartganca- An underground city.
  • Neozarg- A large city that is almost completly chrome.
  • Haganopia- This city specailizes in making all the bombs that Briton uses in war.
  • Waq- A busling city with many hovercar passageways.
  • Carnio- A large yellow floating city.
  • Qa- A city with a large purple glass dome over it.

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