Volcore (moons not shown)

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Imperfect sphere

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 Volcore is a volcanically active planet owned by Spencon. It is located in the PLUX System in the Triangulum Galaxy. It is an imperfect sphere planet that is 1.2 times bigger than Earth. Volcore has three moons (from largest to smallest): Queux (KEU-ex), Kaphaal (KAH-phal), and Ioh (EYE-oh).


Spencon discovered Volcore when a large igneous rock formed from lava pools on the planet and threatened to hit the planet Catharsis. Of course, the asteroid was destroyed, but a Spencon fleet went over to Volcore to review the situation. Now knowing Volcore was habitable, Spencer ordered for Volcore to be "another great edtion to Spencon."

Regions of VolcoreEdit

Volcore has 3 regions:

  • Fluravic - A region that shows the most humidity in past records, and is also the biggest region (48%) on Volcore. Capital is Majan.
  • Avaler - A region that is colder than all of the other regions because of an ice volcano in the center of the region. Takes up 34% of land. Capital is Froaa.
  • Uzalli - A small region over an inactive supermassive hot spot. Takes up 18% of land. Capital is Anshiea.

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