A Watchdrone

Watchdrones are a very odd and ancient species. They are highly intelligent. They don't have fingers, and completly lack legs. They have tough grey skin and have a quite compicated anatomy. They have two arms, a handful of reddish eyes and a sort of hovering body, instead of legs. Their two arms are incredibly strong, and are often used as guards. The reason they are called Watchdrones is because they don't speak. At all. They do not have any known language, and is a mystery how they communicate. When dealing with humans, they use simple hand gestures. Watchdrones also have the ability of telepathy, meaning they can lift objects in the air without phyisical contact with the object, but they seem to prefer not to use it. This leaves species researcher even more confused. What is the purpose of powerful arms if they do not need it. This is the current theory: "In the past, the Watchdrones had legs. They started overusing the levitation ability, and their legs slowly devolved. Now, they are afraid they will lose their arms too." This seems like a reasonable theory. It is also assumed that Watchdrones communicate via reading minds. This would explain how they sometimes respond (with hand gestures) before the person even asks the question.


Watchdrones do not eat. Instead, they absorb solar energy through the black spots in the gaps in their 'armor'. If you look closly at the displayed picture, you can see the slightly darker spots. Their eye cluster has six eyes, which has no apparant organization at first glance, but their eyes are organized in a sort of a circle, the largest three eyes in the middle.

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