The Water Planet Landing Craft, or WPLC, is a unique craft designed to ferry troops from an orbiting transport vechicle onto a planet by landing in a body of liquid water (or a variety of other liquids). It can carry up to 50 passengers, or up to 3,000 pounds of cargo, along with a 4 man crew. It uses two large pontoons to allow itself to float. The pontoons contain helium, so are therefore very light, and their lightness even allows the WPLC to hove a few centimeters off the ground, even when it's engines are not active. Once inside a planet's atmosphere, the WPLC switches from rocket boosters to unique ARO-Class turbines, which are famous for the thick, black exhaust they emit at a startling rate when active, which has the unfortunate side effect of turning the entire craft black eventually, opscuring any markings. This causes most owners to leave their WPLCs unmarked. The WPLC was originally designed by Deron War Craft.

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