The X⁸ Tower is a 108-story tower located in Xenaris. It used to have a design similar to the Dynamic Tower

The X⁸ Tower.

on Earth, but it was revised when it was moved from the United LOLs of ROFLica to Xenaris. The X⁸ Tower, now a major landmark and Spencon Meeting Center, is located in the northern region of Xenaris.

Floor UsageEdit

Floors Use
106 and above Mechanical
105 Observation Tower (VIP)
100-104 Storage
89-99 Spencon Meeting Centers
88 Observation Tower (Public)
40-87 X Hotel
39 Storage
35-38 Xenaris Business Centers
34 Mechanical
31-33 Residential
30 Food Court
25-29 Xenaris X-Mall
9-24 Residential
8 Mechanical
4-7 relaX Spa
2-3 Lobbys
Ground "The Hub" Lobby
B1-B3 Parking
B4-B5 Terra-Transport Stations
B6 Storage/Mechanical

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