The very center of Stevotropolis

Xia is the main continent on the planet Stevonia. In the middle it houses the largest city on the planet, Stevotropolis.

Major RiversEdit

Xia has three main rivers, each coming from the three corners of the large continent. Each river has one Dam, to produce power.

  • Destiny River- The widest river, and the second longest.
  • Unity River- The longest river, and second widest. Unity River streches all the way to Stevotropolis, ending in a medium-sized lake, is a common way of boat travel.
  • Duty River- The shortest and skinniest river, is a peaceful river dotted with small suviner crystals that often wash up on shore.

Lakes and Minor RiversEdit


  • Lake Mark
  • Lake Todd
  • Lake Lauren


  • Mark River
  • Kanalis River
  • Bohrok River
  • Arrow River

Other Geographic FormationsEdit

  • Fuscus Mountains
  • Dagger Cliffs
  • Mount Remular (volcano)
  • Neptune Ice Shelf


There are fifteen main cities currently on Xia. Of course, there are hundreds of other cities on Xia, so we only listed the biggest ones.

  • Stevotropolis - The biggest city on the planet and houses thousands of generators and back-up generators for force fields hidden across the city.
  • Constantinople - Boasts many records that date back 5,000 marins ago.
  • Tanglecord City - This city is weaved into the tanglecord itself, which is a bamboo-like plant that grows up to 100 feet tall. There is a quicksand-filled marsh below.
  • Fuscus City - Located in the cold Fuscus Mountains, and is home to many competitions, including Stevonia's Winter Olimpics.
  • Hammerhead City & Debori Islands - Beautiful places by (and in) the Poisiden Ocean, and often vacation destinations for people who live inland.
  • Remular City - [to be filled]

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