The Grand Semi-Autonomous Federation of Yeatrion (YEA)
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200415 - present

Ex. Administrator


Yeatrion is a division of Deron that controls the latter's territories in the RokaStar Galaxy. It was created in mid-200415 when Deron reorganized it's colonies in that galaxy.


After it's formation, Yeatrion held an election similar to those Deron holds every 10 Marins. Yeatrion citizens and selected Deron officials took part in an election to determine the leader, and an overwhelming majority voted in favor of Derek's friend Elise, who has since become OverRuler of Yeatrion's government, which is an exact copy of Deron's. In 200419, after the Byzantine Federation became the Vectron Federation, Yeatrion became a semi-autonomous state, similar to Emon and Jimon, although neither of those groups existed by then.

Yeatrion's Insignia

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