The Yttredux are a race of beings originating from the Shackamaxon Galaxy, who are resistant to nuclear radiation and use strong jets of gas to move around. They are roughly 15 feet tall when fully grown, and usually hover about 1 foot off the ground. The Yttredux are quite agile, and can propel themselves forward at over 40 miles per hour. Most Yttredux are friendly towards outside squadrons such as SkyClan, especially when talk arises of fighting other Yttredux tribes. This is because the Yttredux are constantly at war with each other, and there are over 200 individual Yttredux tribes. However, don't be fooled by the title "tribe", the Yttredux are an incredibly advanced society, their constant fighting leading to many leaps forward in technology. It is estimated that Yttredux society has only been around for the past 1,200 marins, and are at about the same technological level as humans. This means that they have done in 1,200 marins what took humans 16,000 marins to do.

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