The Z.C.O.M. (It doesn't actually stand for anything) is a Deron four-stage inter-galaxy tactical missile developed during the First Gostrusum War.

Purpose and UsageEdit

The Z.C.O.M. was designed to be launched from planetary sites or on V2 Composite Missile Carriers. They have the ability to carry large amounts of explosives large distances. They even use a secret "Smart" technology that allows them to avoid countermeasures automatically, making them a "Fire-And-Forget" missile class. The only known launch of a Z.C.O.M. during the Second Gostrusum War was during SkyClan's final offensive before leaving the war, when 20 Z.C.O.M.s pummeled the region of Xia, leaving many large craters, as well as causing delays in boat traffic on the Unity River. Z.C.O.M.s were also used during Project Eran to eliminate resistance in The Neutral Zone. They caused extensive damage to "The Group"s Harz Galaxy, when a wave of over 250 assaulted the Tratrux Arm of that galaxy.

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