The Zetronian Neutralist Society (ZNS)
Zetron's final logo.



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Independent Group



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Xavier Zeta

Zetron was a short lived group that was founded by Xaiver Zeta in early 200408. It was destroyed later that marin by Ditron. (Not to be confused with the SkyClan subsidary of Zetron.)


The Neutral Zone IncidentEdit

Zetron orginally was a group of Smytonians that requested to explore the depths of the Triangulum Galaxy back in 200405. After losing control of their one carrier full of 800 people, they drifted off into the Neutral Zone. After a long excursion through the Neutral Zone, the 800 members of Zetron had their minds almost completly wiped and safely crash landed in 200408 on their home planet of Sifilp. There was, one man, Xaiver Zeta, who only lost the memories from when he got on the ship to when it crash landed. Being smart, he helped to teach the other 799 people how to do everyday things again.

Ditron and the Retrean WarEdit

Ditron discovered Zetron after marking their territory in mid-200408. Ditron insisted that they were in their "territory" (although in reality they weren't) and declared war on Zetron, starting the Retrean War. In the four short battles that took place, Ditron completely killed all the people of Zetron.

Fern MiltonEdit

One Zetronian woman survived the Retrean War, Fern Milton. Today, Milton is the vice administrator of the Consul of U. She one day plans to get revenge on Ditron for what they did to her home.

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